Welcome to SLTrades.com, My name is Justin Johnson and I have been trading for just under 8 years now. My trading journey started with a few lucky trades and then I realized that I needed to learn a repeatable process to mechanise daily trading to keep me consistent as a trader. 

SLTrades is short for Straight Line Trades and this is my repeatable trading process that you have access to. At a very high level I am analyzing my winrate over 1000's of trades and I am doing great if I can pick the correct trade entry direction 50% of the time. A great strategy needs to factor in trades that are not profitable and this is why it is so imporant to cut your losses quickly and let your profits ride. If your system has a winrate of 50% and your average Reward is 2R and your average Loss is 1R then over time you have a great winning edge.

As a member just understand that the SLTrades strategy is more of a short term strategy then a long term buy and hold. The strategy targets a repeatable process of locking in profits around 5-20% and cutting losses quickly. The strategy is best implemented on a shorter chart timeframe. If you miss an entry please do not chase with FOMO as this is the single best way to loose money aside from not cutting losses quickly. There is always another trade setting up and these are the trades you target next. 

Please let me know how I can improve my service for you as I am always here to help and my mission is to simplify trading so that anyone can become profitable. 


Justin Johnson


SLTrades Technologies is a quantitative investment research and software company in global financial markets. SLTrades Technologies is dedicated to producing exceptional returns by strictly adhering to sound mathematical and money management methods.

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